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Entry 393 - Birthday(2)

Told you I'd update again ^^ Miss me?

Overall, today has gone well. I'm officially 19 now, and I have a lot of new things. Mom and I went on a shopping trip earlier today, so we bought lots of things. Carlin, I also got you something, but you have to wait until your birthday *wink* <3

I have some new shirts, some new pjs, and a couple of dolls, as well as a mini glitter lamp. ^^ not enough space for a full-sized one, really. Besides, the mini one is battery-powered with an auto-shutoff. Win! ^^

I also have a new watch. I needed one, anyway, to keep me on task and everything.

We went out to dinner as planned, and brought Tim along. Lots of food, lots of fun, and we were all very happily full when we finished.

To those who left messages on the other entry (and sent cards, much love <3), thank you very much.

So....I'm done. Until later, again! ^^

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