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Entry 392 - Birthday(1)

Yes, it's now midnight. It's technically my birthday, but it won't be official until 5:51 this morning. Figured I'd update, though.

It's been about a month or so since my last update. Not a lot going on, really.

Mom said something about us going shopping later or whatever. Could be fun, if the stores have anything interesting.

I've been organizing my books again. ^^ Hopefully we'll have a lot for the book sale.

It's hard to believe that in almost 6 hours, I'll be 19. Where'd all the time go?

I haven't even been writing lately. My mind is just all scattered. Reading helps, though.

I'll update again later for sure. Believe me, I will.

And yes, consider this a gratuitous icon post. Thanks again, Tasha! <3

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