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Entry 391 - Adventures in Summer

Yes, another entry. I know I took a while, but I was trying to come up with stuff for an actual entry.

So here's the recent story. I was upstairs and talking to people (trying to finish a character profile) and my brother (the live-in one) comes up and asks if I want to go to Dysarts with him and the other brother. I'm boggling a little bit, but I'm all for it. So we go, and the food is nice, and there's a pretty good crowd. At about midnight, really.

We eat, we come back, I decide to head to bed a bit early. Can't sleep.

Up about noon or so, mom and I have things to do. Very long, very productive day. Lots of walking (Tim and I were dropped off at a nearby park and walked around, more in a bit) and everybody was pretty happy.

Nobody's talking online, and I should finish that profile tonight. Gotta submit it ASAP before I miss a good chance.

So yes, the walk. Started from Mary Snow (about 15 minute drive from the house) and walked down the hill to Grove, past my old house, and stopped at the little store on the corner. They still have very cheap candy, isn't that cool? Candy that's actually under a dollar, and they're still in business after all these years. Way cool. Headed further up Grove to Mt Hope, where we went up to the store up there and got sodas. They have good soda there, what can I say?

Further walking, to Fruit St, and we drank the sodas there. Played on the playground a bit, then walked up to Howard and headed to Stillwater Park. A little bit of time there, before we headed for home in the reverse direction. All in all, we were out for about a couple hours. It was a pretty interesting trip. I like walking, really.

So yes, Itai, if you get to read this: Chii-chan and Crystall are also in on the game. Tim and I are sticking with it, too. All we need now is to get everyone together to work on it, and that time is up to you. ^^

As for now...I'm posting and heading back to work on that profile. Until later, everyone.

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