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Entry 390 - Summer

Yes, long time no update. I know. ^^ I've been doing stuff, LJ just kinda hangs at the back of my mind. Besides, I'd rather update when I have things to update about, y'know?

Chii-chan (damiensin), where are you lately? I watch you leave and come back but you never come over or anything. I haven't gotten any comments or e-mails, either. Is there a no-visiting rule over there? If so, bummer.

No clue if we'll still be doing the RP thing with Itai, since we might've lost some of our cast and crew over the summer. We'll just have to wait until she returns, then.

So my brothers have returned home from their trip to Toronto, and they brought back shirts for the mother and myself. It's weird having them back, but it's still nice to have them back in town and all. It was way too quiet here, anyway. ^^

I think my brain is taking a writing vacation. *sigh* I just can't be creative lately. It's not very fun.

Today should be better. I'll have fun, hang out with a friend, and things will be spiffy. The weather won't be too bad, either, so maybe we can go outside and do stuff.

Hard to believe that in about a month, I'll be 19. Mom said that if we didn't find her walkman, she might buy me one. I'm meanwhile plotting what to get for Jess R, who invited me to her party. I'm still wondering, though...she left me out last year. Does this mean she and I are friends again? I'm not sure. But I will get her something nice. She deserves a nice gift. ^^

Congrats, Carlin, on the school and the job and all. Best of luck to you in your future! ^^

Tasha, here's to hoping you enjoy the real sound of Lacus. The songs are just nicer in the original language, something just gets lost in the translation I think. Besides, her original voice is so cute~ <3 how can you resist? ^^

So yeah, if people have been looking for an entry, here you go. Feel free to comment. Best of luck to all.


(PS: Nicole/kareha, good news on Taylor being awake and doing better. My thoughts have been on her all this time. *sends hugs*)
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