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Um.....I want my dsl back now, k?

Well, I just got booted again...and I had to do 2 restarts 'cause I wasn't able to send IMs. Why does cable hate us so much?

My schedule for tomorrow as follows:

Mods 1-2: Health. Another guest speaker. Nothing new.
Mods 3-4: Algebra. Stuff. Notes on lesson 4-5, and correcting hw.
Mods 5-6: Civics. Don't know what we're doing here. *shrugs*
Mods 7-8: English. Quiz on vocab for me. Reading 3-5 and doing stuff.
Mods 9-10: Lunch and study hall. Nothing new.
Mods 11-12: Science. Work on projects. I got my posterboard. *shrugs* I don't know, really.
Mods 13-14: Focus study hall. Same old, same old. Hopefully, there will be errands for me. ^_^
Mods 15-16: Reading. Pizza party! Also, need to finish my makeup work. I can do it, don't worry.

Well, I'm gonna hurry and get this posted. Will write later if I can, k? Laters......

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