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Entry 389 - Interests

^^ Long time no update, huh? Summer's still catching up with me...too many hot days. Blah x.x

So have you all been looking at Tasha's comic? No? >< Go look, it's the coolest thing ever seriously. Giggle at poor Blue's expressions; admire the style of Kiba, and best of all, look at little-Magi's pigtails. So much cute <3

So apparently, Carrie and I are back on speaking terms. Sounds pretty good right now, we'll see how it goes. In fact, she asked me today (been walking up to the school to meet her after she ends summer school each day) if I would like to join her on a babysitting job tomorrow. I've done it before, no worries. I told her I'd ask, but I needed specifics.

The place? Dedham. About a half-hour away out of Brewer, no problem. I'd be getting a ride there and back with Carrie.

I have to be up by 6. Like, in the morning. Won't be easy, but I have my alarm clock and I can do that.

Now I just have to wait for mom's answer, since I told her when I got home and she said "we'll see." *sigh* Oddly enough, I actually would like to go, but it's up to the mother.

Remember the origfic I kept posting notes about? ^^ Well, the organization finally has a full acronym and meaning. KORA: the Knights Of Redemption Alliance. Sound good?

Ne, Tasha~ am I allowed to ask for icon requests again? Or should I go bug someone else? And Kara, just wondering about some songs.

Tasha, as stated and promised, I did get your pens. A pair of very nice extra-fine point black ink pens will be on their way to you very soon for your inking purposes. And Kara, I should have stuff in your direction soon, too.

So, to everyone else: keep plodding along, keep looking up, and keep reaching for the stars. Destiny is yours to change.

And with that, I'm out. Until next update..

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