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Entry 387 - Summer

Yes, finally summer. As in, real summer, not just no-school summer. ^^

Random: created community. People should join. It's called redpenwriters and it's basically just a writers support group: we post pieces of our writing (could be fanfic or origfic) and the group members critique. It's kinda fun, we do challenges as well (we're in our first one now, due date for entries is upcoming Sunday), and it's small right now.

So...join, people. ^^ Come be with writers who know concrit.

In other news, I'm not enjoying being home. I want to go places and have fun, hoping to go down to one of the old schools and play. Maybe Carrie will come, or Tim, or somebody, I'm just so bored and anxious to have fun.

Hey, that's what summer's all about, isn't it?

Still plotting that KORA thing. Should be fun once I get it going, but the starting part is always so hard. *looks up* Talk to me, guys, c'mon.

So many writing ideas, so little time to write them all. *sigh*


PS: thanks to those who helped me with the Vespa question. I think I might go for the ET4, less need for maintenence and no mixing gas ^^ thank you!
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