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Saturday, January 6th, 2018
11:13 am - Entry 615 - On Writing
...okay, as promised, back out of "serious business" stuff and back into more fun things. It's been a while since I've done one of these, and inspiration needs to happen so I can write things again. Gonna be a little tough, but let's try doing all the same.

A friend of mine is going through a similar thing, so hey, I figured this can help us both! We can swap prompts, suggest ideas, get a little writing in, and hopefully jumpstart us into other work. If anyone's still reading this and wants to join in, go for it! Just remember to play nice, no flaming or attitude. If you want to concrit, watch the language please. This is just for fun anyway, nothing pro about it.

So for ideas to get this started, let's see...some team interactions, perhaps? Two characters in the kitchen, three people in a car, a group on a picnic? Weather things, food things, clothing things? This is a good way to play with characters old and new, original or fanfic-based, crossovers or single-series. Anything goes!

Now to go dig out some of my profiles and work on those, a certain surly firebird needs to get on the ball here so I can maybe get back to that spitefic...

Let the party begin, and let the writing flow!


current mood: creative

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Saturday, December 30th, 2017
1:23 am - Entry 614 - Year-End Wrap Party (Part 2)
...as I said before, this is the serious business side, so if you're not up for it, scroll away, this might not be pretty. It's something I feel I have to get out, though, so I can at least try and move on to the new year. For those sticking around, here we go.

Normally, I try to avoid talking about politics, but this year, it's been a very difficult topic to escape. People have lost friends or dropped family due to the results of the election, which I think is incredibly sad, and I had hoped I wouldn't encounter that myself...but oh, how wrong I was.

It all started the day after the results were announced, I came home from work and logged onto AIM as usual...and found that someone I had once perhaps considered a friend had decided to leave me a scathing private message blaming me for how our country was doomed, all because those of us who voted third-party basically handed our votes to the candidate she didn't like. (That's not quite how things work, we voted for someone who we could tolerate because by that point, we didn't much trust the big two, but hey, not like she cared about that.)

Of course, she apparently got her ranting out and then blocked me so by the time I did see that message, I had no chance to even begin to defend myself. Perhaps it wouldn't have worked anyway.

So then came the fact that another friend was in panic mode, thinking we really were all doomed...and I understand why she was afraid, to a point, but I could only manage to do so much before we basically put all political talk on the "firmly off-limits" list. Much safer that way, and things worked very well. We had no shortage of other topics, we could discuss plenty of better things. Shows we were watching, movies she had seen, ranting about retail work and such. Even talking about the weather...

...but then the weather, somehow, connected to politics one night. I still remember the date: 29 August. I know I had been talking to her, all seemed well, and then I brought up the recent hurricane events (at that time, I believe we were talking about Harvey making a big soggy mess of things) thinking that hey, she's been through hurricanes before, at least this one isn't over her area. Weather is usually a safe topic.

Somehow, I was wrong. Somehow, she managed to bring up politics, mostly with a comment about not minding if the current president had something tragic happen to him...I believe she mentioned a plane crash due to the weather, as he was going there to visit people. I was stunned, I never expected that from her. I understand she doesn't like him, sure, but that just...wow.

So I told her I thought that wasn't cool to say, the storm actually did kill people (luckily not the president, but still, wow) and thought that might be the end of it. No such luck. There were other issues in the news at this time as well, and those were brought up. I didn't call names, I didn't even want to discuss things like this, so I tried to keep my replies simple. Apparently this meant I was sticking up for the president, who again, I understand she doesn't like.

(Did we catch earlier where I said I didn't vote for him either? Just in case.)

Things were getting heated, so I said to her, as I did on the night after the results were announced, that I am still not her enemy. I'm not the one to get angry at, I am not the enemy.

I understand she's afraid, that she feels unsafe, that she doesn't trust this guy. I get it, I do. Perhaps I don't understand all of it, as there are some fears I may never have to face, but I understand that she doesn't like our current president. Remember, I didn't vote for him either.

I am, however, willing to give him a chance. I may not agree with all he does, says, or tweets, but I hear more and more about good things he's done, and perhaps it won't be so bad.

All but calling me a stupid white girl who doesn't understand, however, is not fair.

Exactly why should people like me have to sit down and shut up when others are free to speak their minds, even if it's just to repeat that they hate who got elected? Don't we get to have our say as well?

Apparently not, according to some people. It just makes things worse.

It's been four months now, and I still think back to that night at times, wondering what went so wrong. Did I try to sound caring and it came out wrong? Did I sound like I was flippant, like I was brushing off her concerns?

Was it really me, or did she just want to be rid of me after all this time? I have no idea. I may never know, as she blocked me shortly after that last discussion. Apparently all the things I did for her meant nothing.

All because of politics, especially this year.

On the one hand, this year is almost over, and a new one can begin. On the other, a lot of things will be dragged over the line into the new year, things we may never escape. I'd like to hope that a lot of people will be granted clarity in the new year, so they can perhaps see just what they've thrown away.

I can only hope for peace in 2018. Peace and clarity.

Now that I've been able to get this out, maybe I can get some peace myself. I'm not angry with these people--mostly just sad. Disappointed, even, that I meant that little to them. I thought I had been a little more valuable, but in the end, apparently not.

I have a family that loves me, that explains things to me, and supports me through rough times. They're all dealing with being dumped by 'friends' for political differences, so I'm not alone. I'm sure there are others out there also dealing with this problem, maybe they're looking for a support group.

Maybe that's what this entry is meant to do, help with support.

To anyone who might comment in here, consider this a safe space. Play nice, or don't bother coming into the sandbox at all.

Peace and clarity in 2018. I want to believe.


(The fun stuff will return in the new year, don't worry. This was just a long time coming, and now that it's done, I can relax again. It'll be tough, but I just have to keep moving forward.)

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Friday, December 29th, 2017
11:17 pm - Entry 613 - Year-End Wrap Party (Part 1)
So yeah, it's been a while, but figured this might be a good idea. Yes, you read that right, part one. The second part...well, I've mentioned it, it's long enough to have its own post, so that'll be later. For now, the actual wrapping-things-up post.

2017 was definitely a thing. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. Big crowd of people fleeing LJ for the safer borders of DW, though some people still have their old accounts for whatever reason. I figured hey, why not have both and be able to follow things that transferred? So here I am.

Used to browse half.com for things, that ended up getting closed so the powers that be could focus more on the ebay side of things. Maybe if they make it easier to browse, I'll go there more.

Used to be on AIM a lot, then their powers that be decided to shut that down. Still not happy, but the few people I still talk to have found me in other places, so there's that. Haven't changed my email or anything, so those that do go looking for me, you'll find me in the normal ways.

Still have my job, still doing anything that gets thrown at me, but starting in the new year I'll be happily enjoying another raise. Up to twelve bucks an hour, yay me. :)

Writing continues to go slowly as I deal with flying solo on some current projects, other things being shoved aside or thrown in storage for a while. It's been a rough year, but the major stuff...yeah, see part two. That'll be quite a thing there, that side...

Got the four books on my christmas list, as well as apparently earning my dream stand mixer! What's really incredible is that the family decided I'd been so good that I deserved a bigger model than I was thinking. No problems here, means I can make more. Bread and stuff. Tons of cookies. Bake all the things~~

Weather's been a little cold here lately, won't be warm again for a long time. Yay winter and stuff. At least we have plenty of warm clothing and heat, we'll be able to handle things.

Still feels weird not being able to just hop on AIM and chat with...whoever hasn't dropped me from their lives, however many that is. Life is weird sometimes, I guess. One day, you have friends you get along with, you chat about fun stuff, and everything seems fine, but then all of a sudden, things change so fast that even several months later, you still wonder what exactly happened. But that, as they say, is another show...

...coming up next, in fact. If you're interested and don't mind some serious business, then do read ahead, but if you can't stand it, you may want to skip this one. Certainly don't show up just to start flame-wars, we don't need that here. Play nice or don't bother coming in the sandbox.


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Friday, October 20th, 2017
8:58 pm - Entry 612 - All Sorts of New Starts
Seriously, starting to get old now.

Okay, so now there's talk of "oh btw we're getting rid of AIM so get ready for all that to be gone" and I'm going into a tailspin because hey, I've been on AIM practically forever.

Then I realize that oh wait, I don't even really talk to many people on there anyway because either they pretty much vanished from the internet in some form, or they blocked me for reasons only they know (and I still don't really get it, but that's more for its own entry...), or they're...family I live with and stuff, so I can just pop downstairs.

So for those who still follow this, I ask you: if you wish to stay in contact after AIM goes offline for good, drop me a line and let me know some of your usual hangouts. If you're on LJ, DW, whichever, let me know your username. Got a tumblr? Let me know, I have one as well. Email more your thing? We can do that.

Jury's still out on if this girl's getting a facebook in the future, though. After dealing with enough crap on other sections of the internet, particularly with political junk? Not quite sure if I want to jump in that pool yet. (Again, though, that's really something for another entry...coming soon, perhaps.)

I admit, I feel a bit bad for the people over on journalfen who are probably still waiting for the site to come back from upgrade limbo. Any of the 'most recent' posts or forum threads for that are like...2015. Yeah.

...I suppose now that I've made teaser lines in here, I should make that spinoff post. Ugh. Stay tuned for that, it might be a while. It's heavy stuff, after all.

So yeah, those who still want to talk, drop me a comment with who you are, where to find you, and maybe note what's the most likely way to get your attention. No point in saying "find me on *blah*" when you aren't really there much, right?

...really starting to get sick of change, particularly forced change. Worst kind there is.


current mood: cranky

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
11:58 pm - Entry 611 - Is It Spring Yet?
...that is a perfectly good question, everyone. After all, we've had random days of nice weather and then a bit of snow on and off. I'd like for it to be spring now, really.

Yes, it's been a little bit again, but hey, life gets busy sometimes. At least I have some free time coming up, so hopefully I can catch up on all the things that have been waiting.

(Maybe if I'm really lucky, I can get a little writing done. No shortage of ideas, after all...)

What else? Well, I suppose I can try and get my communities all awake again, but then, I'm pretty sure I'm the only active member left. Either the others are just quiet, or they've just dropped off the face of LJ. Oh well, at least I carried everything over, so it can be safely preserved. If they want to, they can come over to the DW versions.

(Besides, if any of them still do RP-type stuff and they're WK fans who do crossovers, someone joined the muse community over on DW and was looking for partners. I still wonder about her, though...)

So yeah. Such is how this update goes, or something.


(...the bunny mood icon has little shades :) I'm totally giggling over here!)

current mood: mellow

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
5:38 pm - Entry 610 - New Year, Fresh Start
So let's see how this thing works.

The new year has started, and apparently LJ is rapidly becoming a ghost town due to the recent news of the servers moving. However, I suppose DW can enjoy the rapid growth due to such happenings!

Including me. I brought over my account and all three of my communities I own, so they can be preserved (and perhaps even added to, if possible). It's not so different, really, so it should be easy to figure out how things work over here.

Survived yet another holiday season at work. Now to have a few more days off, phew.

Christmas? Well, like every year, it went decently enough. People were happy with what I got them, and I got more books on my list. More bookcase sorting to do!

(I now also have my own power drill. Oh, the fun we shall have...)

Other things have changed since the last entry! I finally got a new computer--it's odd, sure, not using a windows-based machine anymore, but the mac isn't too hard to work with. At the very least, I can actually open a ton of tabs and windows without the computer freaking out, and I can actually open things like my tumblr and such now, so it's very much a step up.

Now that the holiday rush is over, perhaps I can get back into writing. After all, it's hard to focus on being creative when one is exhausted from too much stress.

So here we go. Going to see if this actually works...if it does, then those still on LJ may be able to see this as well!

Bring it on, 2017. I think we might finally be ready for you!


current mood: hopeful

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Friday, January 1st, 2016
5:19 am - Entry 609 - Welcome to the New Year
Snow on the ground, weather relatively calm. It's winter, it's the first day of the new year (within the first hour of such, even), and I've decided it's beyond time for an update.

Since the last post in April (!! Has it really been that long?), a lot of time has passed, and with it, a lot has happened. I suppose I've just been putting off updating because of various reasons. Oh well, it's time to catch up.

I haven't given up my writing, I promise. It's just rather hard to focus on writing when a lot of work shifts come first and after those, I just find myself wanting to catch up on sleep. I do admit I'm stuck on a few works-in-progress, but I'm trying my best to get back to those once I get inspired.

(One should see my active list...so many ideas. My mind, honestly, is a rather cluttered place sometimes. At least the list helps...)

Work...is work. Not really much to say about retail.

Still working on my room, little by little. Have moved the historical fiction timeline to new shelves (two now, for space...a lot of journals now, especially since I got some more for christmas! Canadian ones, even~) and I'm still sorting things I may never get to in case I want to fill another donation bag.

(I'm amazed at some of the random things I've picked up. I have a lot of reading to do, just with my discard piles...and I do mean piles!)

I suppose my communities have all been idle. I can start posting random stuff to FDD again, but I'll need material for RPW (and I still don't know what we're doing with the muse community, but I might try coming up with a post for that too...).

If any of my community members still follow this journal, feel free to chime in with something idea-wise. Suggestions for a prompt list, or whatever you can offer.

As for goals for this year, beyond that? Well, mom and I have some places we want to get to when the weather gets nice again. After all, we have extended family over in VT who miss us, and we've had invitations to visit them again. :)

Anything else, well...perhaps I'll get back in the habit of updating this thing again. Who knows? I may just get anxious to dust this off a bit more.

So this is 2016.

Bring it on.


current mood: awake

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Friday, April 3rd, 2015
8:58 pm - Entry 608 - Spring?
(Note to self: get an icon of the little spring fairy.)

So yeah, checked my email and oh hey, a letter from LJ.

...about friends who have left LJ for other sites.

Specifically, about inviting back those friends.

Uh. Right, about that...

Yes, my friends page does look rather empty, but then, those who might still be around don't post much. The communities I'm part of don't update much, and those that do, I don't have them on watch.

I will also admit there are plenty of LJ friends I do miss seeing updates from, but then, some of them are on other sites and I can see their posts there.

(Also wondering where c_suck_snark has gone, and why both mods seem to have vanished...did a crisis happen or something? Wow.)

Even if they've gone to other sites, some of my friends just get too busy to post much anyway--looking at Raine and Lynn, for example, who both work full weeks and are lucky if they get time to rest.

I think it might take more than just offers of paid time and internet trinkets to bring people back. Perhaps this place is a sinking ship, or however others might be looking at it.

Oh well. At least I'm still here. I'll be here for a while yet.

If any of the others want to come back, that's good. But do it for you, not me.

Those who do want to keep in touch, drop me a line.


current mood: nostalgic

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
8:30 pm - Entry 607 - Winter Storm Updates (2)
The list of closings has started adding things for tomorrow now. Many schools opting to stay closed.

So far, our city is not among them, but that could change as the night goes on.

Have seen plows come through, our plow guy swept through again, and my neighbor across the street is out with his snowblower. Cleaning up, even before the storm has ended.

Life is like that here, I suppose.

By tomorrow, things should be calmer. I will enjoy that.

After all, I do have to work the rest of the week. It will be a long weekend.

Further updates to come.


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12:01 pm - Entry 606 - Winter Storm Updates (1)
Coming up to noon, and the storm continues to rage on. City plow has been through, our personal plow guy has been by. Power stable here, for now.

Apparently the mall may have closed after all, or any non-essential stores did. Places that provide things such as winter gear and supplies are still open for the time being, they plan to close a bit later today.

Both of the other 'rewrite' team members are home safely.

Further updates to follow.


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10:22 am - Entry 605 - Winter Storm 2015
Permit me, if you will, a rant.

Pretty sure everyone has heard about our weather by now. High winds, blowing snow, very low visibility. Tons of places closed for today, most of them on the list by yesterday evening.

State of emergency declared. Non-essential drivers off the road, please.

Yet not all places closed. The facebook page for our local mall is getting angry comments by the dozen due to the mall being open...even if half the stores said "hey, we're not risking it, we're closing today" when they saw the weather.

Temperature is low, mostly due to wind chill. Snow blowing and drifting. Have yet to see a plow come through, but perhaps even the plows will be giving up.

To anyone who has to be out on these roads, I wish you safe travels. Please get to where you're going and check in with someone waiting for you.

To everyone else...I'll have a much more cheerful post after the storm.

For now, we wait. I'll see about giving updates as long as possible.


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Saturday, November 8th, 2014
2:06 pm - Entry 604 - Early Snow, Autumn Wind
...has it really been that long since my last entry? Wow.

I suppose I actually have material to update with, anyway, so let's begin.

Spring: nice enough, didn't seem to be very awful.

Summer: almost seemed too short, but then, I don't like the heat so I'm fine with it not being so long.

Autumn: almost came a little early, but considering where we are, no surprise.

Managed to have a decent halloween, weather mild and only a little cloudy. It was the day or so after that gave us a wild snowstorm, causing damage and outages all over the state. Some people were without power for days!

(Luckily, we only lost our power for a few hours, after the storm passed. That was enough misery for us, anyway.)

Work is...well, work. It's the time of year we start getting more trucks and more shoppers and more chaos. Black Friday approaches, after all.

Outside of that? Well, I continue to work on various writing and I'm slowly making my way through my discard piles. Have to make room in my bookcases for new stuff somehow, right? :)

(I have a lot of books. I almost need another bookcase...or two...)

What's on my current active writing list? Well, I'm focusing on only a few so I don't go completely crazy: rainbow spitefic, for one. If I get burned out on that, I have a few other spitefics I can get back to, and I started notes for a new idea.

Never enough hours in the day to get everything done, sadly. Oh well.

Figured I should at least get this posted so people know I'm still around--I know I should check on (and update) my communities, but I'm not even sure what I should do with them. I guess I'll wait and see.

For now, I'll post this. Now you all know what I've been up to lately.


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Sunday, March 30th, 2014
7:08 pm - Entry 603 - Winter Frost, Spring Rain
Rain today. Possibly to change over to freezing rain during the overnight, but still rain. Does this mean we might finally get spring?

I mean seriously, getting sick of winter by now. I want flowers and nice weather.

Yeah, it's been a while since the last update, I know. I've had too much else going on to even consider writing a journal entry. Exercise? Not really happening yet, beyond walking around the grocery store and all the walking I do at work. Truck unloads and freight stocking count.

Writing? Well, I started a random spitefic a few days ago, because I wanted to. I know, this adds more to my list, I have other projects I should be working on, I know. I figure if I get this out of my head, though, I'll be able to focus on the other stuff again.

Besides, I'm kinda stalled on everything else anyway. This at least keeps me busy.

So yeah, not much else going on since the last entry.

Well, okay, I've been having really weird dreams. Those who know me well are aware that I don't drive. At all. No license, never learned, none of it. If anything, I get nervous just riding in the car sometimes.

At this point, I've had no less than three dreams that have involved me driving. Casual driving, on roads I recognize, in various types of passenger vehicles. One was even an SUV!

(I knew it was because I had to climb into it via handle, as I do with my brother's truck. What can I say? I'm short.)

In talking with mom, she thinks it's a sign I might be building up my courage enough to someday go through with getting a license. It wouldn't be a bad idea, but it still would involve money we don't exactly have set aside for getting me a license and a car. That, and I'm still not completely relaxed and ready. Maybe someday in the future.

I don't mind still getting rides when I have to, and I'm willing to walk more when the weather's nice enough. Besides, walking is exercise, right? Gods know I need more.

Poked back through the giant nameless fic again, for something to do. Realizing that sparkles really did make me the load of the group. I got one try at attacking that ended up being a distraction move, had one scene that involved me trying to battle an enemy and being completely useless (and the others showed up anyway, and anyone who wasn't sparkles did the same zero damage, so why even bother, sparkles?), and the rest of the story I was either just kinda there (being carted around like a doll or something, injured or whatever) or I was completely missing ("so let's see, we have three of the guys, and Lynn, and Raine, so we should totally have enough people to go after these four villains" and no I'm not joking, and for context, this was with sparkles missing due to dramatic kidnap and one of the hero-boys off to rescue her...who's not counted? Kento and yours truly. Yup. Siiiiigh.).

I should get back to the 'rewrite' someday, too, but I've been so stalled on that thing that I can't even think about it. Part of me still wants to do a rewrite of the giant nameless thing, for something to do, but eh, I have plenty else to work on.

What's on my active list? Well, besides the 'rewrite' and the spitefic I started, I also have that fic I was posting to FDD, the rainbow spitefic, the fifty beatdowns list, and a couple of other things I was still in planning stages for. Technically, there are more, but these are the ones right at the top of the list right now.

I guess I have to be in a certain sort of mood to work on writing. Inspiration comes and goes, and I wish it would stay a little longer. Maybe in a little bit, I'll try again.

For now, though, that's the update. Anyone have questions about anything I mentioned in here? Drop a comment and ask.

Back to my wordpad files.


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Thursday, February 20th, 2014
4:16 pm - Entry 602 - Winter Activities
...if anyone finds any for this winter that don't involve being inside, let me know.

Seriously, though, this winter has just been awful. Going outside and doing anything? Not really a very good idea unless the roads are clear and the weather is actually decent.

Today is rather nice, with bright sunshine and mild temperatures. A little wind, but still not very bad. I not only went out and shoveled a bit, but also did some walking around the neighborhood.

Shoveled yesterday too, after work, and I feel much better having been active two days in a row.

I looked over my last entry, and I think I'm off to a good start this year. Things at work are good enough, and I've managed to not only re-learn things I had forgotten but also learn some nifty new tricks. :)

As for the being active part? Well, two days in a row of shoveling and walking helps! I've also figured out that yes, my eating habits are probably not helping me any. I'm pretty much to the point I might start posting what I've eaten and all each day, just to see if I can manage to guilt myself into behaving.

On days I can't go outside and don't work, well, I have access to a treadmill and I have a yoga mat. Also, I have two little hand-weights to use. I can come up with something.

Hopefully when the weather gets nicer, I can be outside more and more. More walking, more activity, more fresh air. I figure since I know shortcuts to get home, I may walk home from work more. After all, it'll save gas money, right?

The writing...well, I'm trying. :) I have so many ideas that sometimes I just don't know where to start. However, I'm looking over my list again, and I'll see what jumps out at me. Whatever I do get done, well, I may start posting to FDD again.

I think I'm mostly posting for myself, though, since I never see updates from anyone else. Did everyone bail on LJ for greener pastures? Oh well. If anyone does read this still, drop me a line of some kind. Leave a comment here, shoot me an email, whatever works. :)

Spring will come soon, I'm sure of it. Just have to get through winter first...


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Sunday, January 19th, 2014
1:56 pm - Entry 601 - New Year
...so it is, I suppose. :)

Guess a look back at 2013 is in order, first. What a year it was.

Several trips to VT and back, over the course of the year, to clean out my grandfather's old house and get it sold. Last I knew, the owners were flipping it to sell, and I hope whoever gets it next will enjoy it as much as he did.

So many treasures were unearthed in the process, many belonging to his second wife. Her family is overjoyed to have things of hers.

We made friends, and hopefully will be over to see them again!

Christmas went as it usually does here, complete with the typical breakfast (but hey, what's so bad about waffles and bacon? nothing at all~) and gift exchanges in the glass room. I'm glad people liked what I got them, and when the girls and I meet up? Hopefully the same. :)

I've all but given up on the whole "resolutions" idea, since I try to make some and never end up following through. However, I will say this:

I will try new things and hopefully learn some new skills.
I will also try and be more active.
Each day, I will try my best to do the most I can do.

...I also have writing to work on, so I will try and work on all of that.

What's on tap for 2014? Well, I guess we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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Saturday, September 14th, 2013
3:01 pm - Entry 600
...wow, really? Huh.

So it's been a while since the last post, but luckily not as long as some of my other breaks have been. My birthday was two days ago, and it went rather well.

The 'rewrite' gang surprised me with a lunch meetup and gifts, which I really didn't expect...especially on the actual day! I thought for sure they'd both be too busy.

Nothing fancy for lunch, we did pizza and I got to bring home the leftovers. :)

While we were out, we decided to go browse the toy store, and I bought a few new pony blind bags. Five new friends for my display shelves!

As for what the girls brought, well, I'm sure I won't have to worry about buying more starlight mints for a long time, haha. I also got a bar of really nice chocolate (dark with raspberry, sounds wonderful~) and a small bottle of sparkling apple cider.

The crowning glory, however, is the wonderful Princess Twilight plush they created with love for me at the local Build-A-Bear. She currently sits in my room, staring happily at my well-stocked bookshelves. I think she'll enjoy being here. :)

(Hey, with our group? I'm the Twilight, so it all fits.)

Not only did I get a party offline, but I got a party in my Animal Crossing game too! Rather fun to get gifts and celebration from my villagers. Quite a day~

In other news, the house we've been working so hard to clean out? Finally done! The last truckload was brought home this week, so we're officially out and the new owners no longer have to deal with us being around. I finally have my lamp, which I plan on giving a nice coat of paint to and a new plug before I bring it in and set it up.

Also, I've been working on my writing more. It feels good to be spinning stories again, and when I feel ready, I'll start posting chapters of this latest piece to FDD. Things have been quiet in there again, so I suppose I should get back to it. Even if nobody else joins or posts anything, I rather like the fact I've gained enough courage to post my work online. It feels like a step in the right direction. :)

Oh hey, this is another milestone post! Like with the others, I declare this an open-request post. Maybe we can get to high comment counts, maybe not, but if anyone has questions they want answered or just want to chat, or request ficlets, or whatever, drop a message.

Let's hope I can keep going for a long time!


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Sunday, August 18th, 2013
1:41 am - Entry 599
...that's all the title I have.

So yes, it's been a while since the last entry. Well, things got slow again. Can't really post if I don't have material, right?

Let's see...what's been going on since the last post? Well, mom and I have been working on cleaning, and I guess we have one last trip to sort before we can roll a truck. Lots of furniture and other things have been claimed by family and friends, and everything left is in two rooms on the ground floor.

(Well, okay, and some stuff in the basement, but most of that down there is trash.)

What else...oh, yours truly has finally moved up a bit in the world of media. That's right, I'm getting better gamer skills and I now have a shiny 3DS. It's purple. The 'rewrite' gang rejoices and such. :)

...and they bought me a copy of the newest Animal Crossing. Quite addictive, that game. It's like if Harvest Moon ran in real-time, but sadly, no sign of farming yet.

(Hopefully the residents of the town of Stardust aren't too disappointed in me yet. It's only my first couple days, I'm still new at this whole me-in-charge bit. At least I have my adorable yellow puppy secretary to help, and she's very good at her job~)

For anyone who actually is paying attention to FDD and the fic I'm posting, I haven't forgotten about it. I've been a little sidetracked by other things lately, and so progress on it has been halted for now. I have another story I'm working on as well, which I may start posting chapters of soon. (At least this new one has a title, anyway...)

As for my summer? Well, as usual, when I haven't been working, I've been inside, but at least I've had these trips out of state to look forward to. Next weekend is the folk festival, definitely hoping to get to that.

Meanwhile, in the wide world of retail, it's back-to-school time, and so our store is invaded (and trashed) by anxious shoppers rushing to finish their lists in time. Seriously, it's like people can't just take one box off a shelf and put it back neatly, they take ten boxes and leave them on the floor. Not always in a stack, either. It's enough to make some of us want to cry, because we can spend time tidying up and then have our work just destroyed all over again in a few minutes.

Still we press on, though, with the best fake smiles we can manage, and then have a rant when we're somewhere safe. Such is retail and all that.

So here's the update for people who still read this thing. Seems like a lot of my old LJ buddies have left for other sites. Think LJ will someday be abandoned entirely? It'd be an odd thing to happen.


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Friday, May 3rd, 2013
10:33 am - Entry 598
So now we go back to regular...ish...stuff. Yay?

Been trying to get back into writing. Since I have a little time off this weekend and all, figure I might as well work on things.

Posted the first ten chapters (what I currently have done) of my newest work-in-progress to what I'm using for a personal fic dumping ground. Hey, I wanted to save fadingdaydream somehow, so why not use it for a fic journal until things pick up?

OSW closed up shop. Actually, it ended about a month or two ago, but I never remembered to post here about it. We tried our best, but real life gets in the way sometime. Oh well, we still have the posts to look back on, and there's always fic and a possible revival, right?

Very nice weather lately, warm and sunny. Of course, the fire danger is sky-high, but hopefully we'll get a little rain and bring it back down. If it stays warm like this for a while, we might need to put the AC units in.

Got through inventory, though I ended up with a headache afterwards and slept most of the day. Had all short shifts this week, and started my cycle halfway through yesterday's five-hour. Guess I can't hate the timing, though--it wasn't when I woke up, causing me to call in, and it wasn't the day before, when I had to work.

(I have the weekend to get through it, anyway, and still get to enjoy my week off.)

Not quite sure what else to cover here, so I guess I'll wrap this up now. Hope everyone else is doing well, and you all know where to find me.


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Friday, April 19th, 2013
10:33 pm - Entry 597 - Even Further Updates...
Actually watched the news today.

I suppose this is the closest we can get to a 'good end' to this, anyway. They took the remaining suspect into custody, nobody exploded this time, and hopefully the powers that be can get answers to their questions. In the meantime, the city can sleep again.

Hard to believe that sometimes, things can be minor when one goes to bed and then just grow into a major event overnight. Mom woke me up to tell me that the news was going on, and I just spent the rest of the day watching it unfold with her.

If I've bored any of my readers with this material lately, well, you had the choice to not read it. I posted because I felt I had to do something. If it makes you happy, things will return to 'normal' after this...well, okay, unless something else happens.

In other news, mom and I are still aiming to go over to my grandfather's house for more cleaning work sunday. After that, I have four days of work, ending the week with the inventory shift we've all been waiting for. At least it's not ornament time of year!

(Also, treated myself to a package of lemon sandwich cookies. Tasty rare items.)

Now that things seem to have settled, I plan on spending the rest of the night watching something a little more upbeat and maybe getting some writing done.

May you rest well tonight, those in the Boston area. Your protectors have done well.


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Thursday, April 18th, 2013
6:36 pm - Entry 596 - Further Reports
I don't usually watch the news.

The only reason I watched any of it today was due to being downstairs at the time mom had it on, so I decided to stop and watch a bit. After all, more things have happened, and there are always updates of some kind.

Now there's only the two bombs that went off, no others found. The fertilizer explosion in TX. More bombings overseas in war zones. The guy who sent the deadly mail to people in charge, and was luckily traced and caught.

The FBI held a press conference today, as they've come up with suspects for the marathon bombings. Two guys that seemed suspicious, showed up enough in videos and stills to be considered interesting. The speaker addressed questions and all, very professional.

However, mom and I kept watching the news, and the things some of the news people said had us scratching our heads in confusion.

Three news stations later, we're wondering if these people know what they're saying.

One seriously said that if parents come forward for these guys, we'll know they're here legally, but if no parents show, they must not be in the country. Is this even making sense?

I admit, I want the ones who made this happen to be caught and punished. I'm sure others do. The FBI wants to catch them. With the pictures of these 'suspects' now, though, how soon before someone decides to make with the vigilante justice? How many crackpots will call the tipline and say they know who it is even if they really don't, or try and just report someone they don't like as one of the ones involved?

There is always a potential for this. The fact that some of the news people were making ridiculous comments, like the one above, doesn't make me feel any more confident.

That's why I don't usually watch the news. If anything, I'll wait for print.


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